As a dairy innovation expert, Epi ingredients masters the dairy raw materials and their transformation, as well as most industrial processes specific to each and every professional of the food and nutrition industries. Since every organoleptic, functional and nutritional aspects of the proposed solutions are assessed in your targeted market, every answer is tailored to your needs.

Strong of years of international experience, Epi ingredients offers you solutions that will accompany you in winning new markets.

EPI Ingredients has a wide range of products from basic ingredients : milk powder, Caseinates, Whey  powders, Butter milk powder, to the most specific : Fermented milk powder, butter powder, cream powder, also including some low or high fat milk replacers.

Each of these ingredients has functional, nutritional, cost-savings advantages which bring solutions fitting your needs.

Epi 原配料公司(Epi ingredients)作为乳制品创新专家,熟练掌握乳制品原料及其加工,对于大多数食品和营养业专业人士具体的工业处理过程亦得心应手。 我们提出的所有方案,皆根据您的目标市场对感官质量、功能与营养方面的需求进行评估,量身打造。 凭着多年来在国际市场上积累的丰富经验,Epi原配料公司为您提供各种产品方案,陪伴您赢得新市场。 EPI原配料公司产品种类繁多,从奶粉、酪蛋白、乳清粉、酪乳粉等基本原料,到最特殊的发酵奶粉、黄油粉、奶油粉等,以及一些高脂肪或低脂肪牛奶替代品,应有尽有。 所有这些原配料兼具功能、营养和低成本优势,提供符合您需求的产品方案。

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